Combustion @ Work

Commissioning and service/maintenance

 If you are an industrial burner installation supplier or an end customer looking for a company that can offer you commissioning or maintenance services, we are your partner. We offer you a correct service at a correct price.

We can optimize/renew/replace burner parts, pipe trains and burner management systems (BMS).

We provide services on PLC programming for new steering programming, rebuild and troubleshooting. For more information please contact us via the communication channels mentioned on our contact page. 

We offer our services worldwide so we can service your installations on all locations. 


Establishing a good cooperation with specialized service providers/contractors brings substantially more value to your business. Interaction with you as our customer is our main priority, by exchanging information and working together towards the same goal, we will find the best solution. 

Our team has experience with industrial burners from Maxon, Honeywell, Eclipse and PLC programming from Siemens, Slate, Omron . 

We guarantee a fair treatment of you as our customer, being correct is the way we do business.   


As a combustion company specialized in industrial burner installations, we can assist you with technical advice about your installation(s). We aim to provide you with the best answer/solution for your questions, concerns or issues. For our consultancy services, we work together with several suppliers so we can find the best solution at a correct price.

Consulting services cover a wide range of activities relating to optimization of processes, improvement of burner performance, reduction of emissions, etc.  



After each intervention/maintenance you will receive a clear report containing the services performed and where applicable, recommendations to optimize your industrial burner installations. 

This report will also contain a complete overview of the hours worked, travel and other costs.